Monday, December 5, 2011


           In today's world the Internet is being used by everybody for all sorts of things.  The one thing that is annoying about the Internet is all the junk mail I receive.  This is called Spam.  These large companies try to advertise by using tricky slogans to get you interested.  If you do get hooked to these slogans, be careful what you post about you, which includes name, date of birth, address, phone number, and etc.  These things are easy to post and you may think they are innocent but you never know, so just beware of the emails that you receive.
            Recently I have been getting many emails from this one guy saying he will give me money to shop, reduce my debt, and/or buy a house.  These emails go directly to my spam box but WHY do I get them?

Hey Ben,
You qualify to be our mystery shopper
and we're paying you up to $1,000 right

Register right here *

Great way to shop & get paid real cash
as a mystery

You can do this!


         So here is one of the emails that I have received, and I have some questions.   I did some digging on this and found out it originated in California but on my email page it says Robert is from Georgia.  Once I click on Register here I had many forms to fill out.  They wanted to know my name, but they already have it,  address, phone number.  These are little things but I have come to a conclusion that this email is SPAM.  It funny that it says, "Hey Ben,"  what is he my friend and/or pal.  I don't know him.  The world would be so better off without all those scammers and/or junk mail, i.e. SPAM!!!