Thursday, September 15, 2011


            When the Apple iPad came out in early 2010, it was a huge hit.  The American people wanted the new thing in the technology world, just like the iPod and iPhone.  The iPad is a computer tablet designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.  The device is used for the internet, reading books, watching movies, playing music and/or games, taking photos, and other things.  I believe that the iPad is a new trend in the technology world but it is here to stay.  Of course companies will try to make these tablets better and faster but the iPad is where it started.
       The iPad can be used for so many things that it is a device that you have to have.  The tablet is used in leisure, to be held when relaxing, to watch movies or even reading books.  This device is more adequate than the desktop computer.  The iPad is lighter and can be moved around the house at will.  The device can even go to the workplace and/or on family trips.  The one thing that the iPad is missing is a real keyboard, which may be difficult for some people when using a touch screen.
       The way technology is going these days; the newspaper industry days may be numbered.  In some cases it is already happened across the nation.  More and more people are reading the newspapers on Internet.  This will hurt the job market because production of newspapers goes down and jobs will be lost.  While our economy is already struggling and the unemployment is sky high, this will only add to the problem.  However I do see the newspaper companies making deals with Apple and/or other technology companies to be able to display their papers.
          When the iPad hit the market it sent other companies scrambling to find new ideas to compete with Apple Inc., like Motorola and Google.  I think most of these tablets are used for the same things and/or same ideas, which makes it hard to distinguish between them.  Now Apple Inc. has produce iPad2, which is lighter and thinner than the original iPad but is that much different?  Then there are rumors that iPad3 is coming out later this year.  How is this tablet going to be different from the first 2?  I hope that Apple Inc. is not just throwing these tablets out into the market to make a BUCK!!
     When iPad and iPad2 came out in 2010 and 2011, Apple Inc. has sold millions and millions of copies across the world.  They have stole the market and sent its competitors trying to catch up.  Since Apple Inc. started this new technology; I think they will always be on top of the market and its competitors.  Like I said before, I hope they do not sacrifice quality over quantity.


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