Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Google's Next Big Thing"

         Google Inc is an American public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies.  Google host and develops a number of Internet-based services and products, including one of the biggest search engines.  Since its arrival in 1998, from a garage in California, it has grown to become one of the richest companies in the world, with over a billion users.  Today Google has offices all around the world.  But know-a-days the consumers are looking for the next big thing in technology, like IPad.  With so much competition out there from Yahoo and Microsoft, Google has to come out with a BANG!  I think they have with the "Google Art Project."

        Google has followed other companies, like going into the cell phone business, but they have a couple of new project coming out that will excite the consumer.  The new projects are the "Art Project," "Google +," and "Google's Driverless Car."  I personally like the "Art Project" because you can look at famous art work from around the world and in some cases never ever will see.  The driverless car is a great idea but it scares me to think that cars are out there with no driver, but some might say, "WOW!!"  The "Google +" idea is another great idea but it seems to me it is just like Facebook with maybe a couple of new features.  I am not into Facebook, so I would bother with Google+.  With the "Google Art Project" the user will be able to different paintings and/or art work from around the world.   The user can also explore famous museum's that the user might not be able to see in their lifetime.  The best thing the user can do is to build their own art collection to show to their friends.

Example of a piece of art work:

Example of a view of a museum:

       In conclusion,  I believe that the future in the technology world is bright for Google and even its competitors.  I do believe the driverless car is coming in the next five to ten years but I also think that there is going to be a BIG merger with one of the big players.  Can you imagine if these companies started to work together, share ideas and/or secrets to see what they can come up with.  Only time will tell if I am right about a merger.


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