Sunday, November 27, 2011

Google Earth

    View Larger Map                           Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that lets the viewer see anything that you can dream of.  This program maps the Earth by using images from satellite imagery, aerial photography.  The bonus to this program is it is FREE to download through Google Earth.  It allows the user to view Earth's surface, different cities, houses and buildings in each city.  A neat aspect to this program is that you can view things in 3D, such as buildings throughout different cities.                                   In my little experiment with Google Earth, I took a tour of my hometown of Burlington, VT.  My first stop was at my childhood home on Meridian St.  This was a great home to grow up in because it was on a dead end street.  There were a bunch of kids that were relatively the same age, which was great to play all sorts of games. My next visit was a stop at my old high school.  I spent four great years there, which I played three sports; soccer, hockey, and baseball.  Then I take the tour along the bike path to the Waterfront.  This is an amazing place to visit when you come to Burlington.  There are various activities to do here, which includes water sports, ferry rides to New York and/or to explore Lake Champlain, or to just relax and site see on one of the many benches on the water.  After the Waterfront we go up College Street to visit the University of Vermont.  This is a beautiful university with a great campus green.  I did spend a year and half there and it was a great time!!!!!  Finally, we go down the hill the Church Street.  This is a street where you cannot drive up or down, which is cool.  There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars.  I decide to eat at Vermont Pub and Brewery, which has great burgers and homemade beers.  Hope you enjoyed my tour and recommend that you visit Burlington, VT.                          
                  Even though I think Google Earth is a great tool to use to see places around the world.  However I do believe there are some security and privacy issues that come up.  Anyone can view certain things where they want to attack.  They can plan out an escape plan if they want to.  I know this is going to an extreme but you never know.    Other parts of this program lets you track planes and cruise ships to and from there destinations.  It goes in to details about when the plane and/or ship takes off and when it lands.  This information is available to anyone that wants to hurt the United States.  Again I know this is extreme but it has to be looked at in the future because the Internet is growing and this information could fall into the wrongs hands.                               Google Earth is a tool for a user to use to see different places around the world.  It shows different cities and towns.  This program lets you see where restaurants, schools, business, and among other things are located.  I do believe this is a great tool to use if you are thinking of traveling and/or moving to certain cities.  There are some issues that arise with this program but that goes with anything in today's world.

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